Beginners Guide To Investing In Gold And Silver

A warm, hearty welcome to Investment Gold and this definitive Beginners Guide To Investing In Gold And Silver - A simple yet comprehensive guide for those taking their first tentative steps into the shiny, bright new world of the gold and silver markets...

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Investing Beginners: You, Me & Us

If you're new to investing in gold or silver, then "we get where your at man". A few years year's ago, myself and many of my colleagues here at Investment Gold, were sat literally where you are today, (ok, not literally - that would be weird). Therefore we feel we understand your perspective and what you actually want, much better than all those following the same old Wall Street game of screwing small time investors for all they can get.

The difference between us and many other investment websites out there, is that we are not professional advisors or brokers with any hidden agenda or ulterior motive. You'll find no 'happy, clappy' scare-mongering, hard sell here my friends. Just an objective presentation of the facts as we see them. We have nothing to directly sell you, so we can just concentrate on researching and presenting the information we feel it's important for you to know - so you don't get burnt.

This is a website with well researched content written by investors for investors and that means you come first. Yes, there will be some recommendations along the way, but only for products or services that we genuinely feel will be of benefit to you as an investing beginner. Things, that we've tried and tested ourselves which have been of benefit to us on our own investment journey.

And me? Well, my name is Greg O'Leary and i'm the editor of our silver and gold investing guide. In 2006 (just before the financial crisis broke big time), I was personally looking to diversify out of the increasingly shaky property and stock markets and my radar began to 'bleep' that investing in gold and silver, was something I should seriously look into, and so I did...

And Then Some...

As I'm sure you're aware, once you start researching a subject like gold and silver investment - it can suck you in, chew you up and spit you out. I've been round the block a few times and studied every investment idea going from forex to fine art. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. Without doubt though, the many hours I spent figuring out the best gold investment strategies, turned out to be a highly valuable use of my time (hindsight is a great thing). So I figured, what I've learned could be of benefit to others too, so here we are...

Life's Too Short

Obviously you can do all the legwork yourself, plenty of merit in that if you have the time. Alternatively, you could dive straight in. Thing is, without a decent guide you could veer off down a few blind alleys on your way and that can be quite a time consuming learning curve (I should know). Well, the good news is that there is a middle way and this beginners guide to investing in gold and silver, will help get you there in a fraction of the time it took me. You can benefit from both my successes and my mistakes and it won't cost you a dime.

So, what can you expect?

Honesty Is Our Policy

Well, firstly and most importantly - you can expect an honest viewpoint. You may detect a certain bias in our writing towards investing your money in gold and silver, but that doesn't mean we've got the blinkers on. Yes, of course we'll be pointing out the virtues of investment in gold or silver, but believe me the last thing we want to see is you lose any money, so we'll always be very clear about the risks in any investment and our ideas are not set in stone, so as economic conditions change, so may our opinions and if they do - you'll be the first to know.

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Ensuring you have the best silver and gold investment plans in place, can result in significant financial gain. But like any investment, there are risks. So you need to know what they are, where they are and plan accordingly. This gold and silver investment guide is an ideal starting point for beginners and will help you do just that...

Keep It Simple Stupid!

Here at Investment Gold, we're great believers in keeping things simple. Investment in gold or silver, ain't rocket science (or alchemy for that matter). I've come across many 'experts' out there, who make buying precious metals for investment seem more complicated than it needs to be. You certainly don't need to be any kind of Warren Buffett to profit during a bull market. But you do need to know (figuratively speaking) the difference between a 'shiny, highly valuable numismatic gold coin' and a 'worthless, dull brass farthing' and that's where this guide to investing in gold and silver comes in. A few simple pointers to help you on your way...

The real point then, is to bring together the best information and resources available on both the general basics like, investing in gold stocks, Gold ETFs, online gold investment and also more specific guidance on things like where to buy a gold bar or the best gold coins to invest in for example.

We then filter out all the noise and distill it down to just the most important stuff and present it in an easy to understand (and hopefully) entertaining way.

That's Not All Folks!

You may notice that initially we've been concentrating on getting our gold investing content online, we're now working hard to bring our silver investment content up to speed and then you can look forward to an expansion of our remit into the stock market, real estate and any other area of investment we feel would be of value to you.

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My Aim Is True

So to re-cap, the aim with this investing guide is not to drop in as many Elvis Costello songs as possible (that definitely would be weird). It is, in fact to help you avoid the danger areas and help you profit from your own investment in shiny precious metals. In short, if you're a beginner, thinking of investing in gold or silver then this guide will help you find the answers to some of the most important questions any new gold and silver investor needs to know in today's precious metals markets:


Invest Well!

Greg O'Leary
Beginners Guide To Investing In Gold And Silver Editor

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Price Charts

If you'd like to dig a bit deeper into some gold and silver price action, then check out our live price charts page or click here for a pop up chart with international live or historical gold and silver prices courtesy of Bullion Vault.

As part of the beginners guide to investing in gold and silver, we've also put together some in-depth reviews of the best gold price charts and the best free stock charts currently available online, which should hopefully save you a lot of time.

Silver And Gold Investing News

Here at Investment Gold, we really do think there is 'too much talk' in the financial world and most of its just noise.

Do you real need to know that the gold price ended the week a fraction above where it started? We don't think so. More importantly we have respect for your precious time. If there is something we feel you should know, we'll tell you - but you won't be bombarded with daily 'news' updates from us.

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Are Gold Coins A Good Investment?

We think they can be - if you know what you're doing.

Some gold coins are definitely not good investments for beginners, so it's important to know your numismatics from your philharmonics when investing in gold or silver coins for the first time.

Learn about the value of gold coins today and get the lowdown on the best coins to invest in, discover how to find a reputable gold coin dealer and make a safe online purchase with our Beginners Guide To Gold Coin Investment.

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